We pride ourselves in generating superior returns to our clients, investors and partners when employing their vessels and managing their assets. A superior management team, an invaluable business network and access to comprehensive market intelligence differentiates us from competitors.


We strive to provide outstanding long-term performance, service and a comprehensive suite of commercial services solutions, including Chartering, Sale & Purchase, Operations, Insurance & Claims handling, to our principals. The  Transportation of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Chemicals and related activities have formed our primary business. Representation in the major global shipping and energy hubs together with established presence and wide industry network enable us to engage the oil and chemical markets effectively and continuously worldwide. We regularly transact with a wide variety of industry participants from oil companies to government entities and oil and energy traders.

The operations team supports the officers and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently; monitoring and paying port dues; procuring high-quality bunkers in an economical manner, and collecting the freight and other revenue pursuant to the charter parties. It also provides in-depth monitoring and handling of any type of claims, including demurrage, deviation, cargo claims, crew claims etc.

We ensure that all vessels in the fleet are adequately covered against marine perils and risks as well as third party liabilities. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing Insurance market, our team is able to obtain the most economical quotations for hull and machinery and P&I cover.


Experienced and qualified superintendent engineers work around the clock to ensure that that the vessels are in operational readiness at all times without compromising any Classification rules, Flag State requirements, Governmental laws, Oil Company standards or other environmental regulations. Latest technology business systems support the technical team to constantly monitor the efficiency of the vessel, identify areas for improvement, conduct feasibility studies, and take action to optimize vessel performance. Repairs are identified and carried out promptly and efficiently, to minimize off-hire periods and ensure the safe operation of the vessel.

Our purchasing team ensures that procurement of stores and spare parts is undertaken effectively to meet the high-quality fleet requirements while managing associated costs.


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A team of experienced, qualified marine superintendents oversees the vessels to ensure they comply with all national and international policies and regulations related to Health, Safety, Security, Quality, Energy, and Environmental (HSSQEE) protection.

The safety and quality services we provide to the vessels under management also include the coordination of vetting by oil majors. Areas for improvement identified during vetting inspections are investigated and followed up promptly and rigorously.